Thermal and neutronic behavior of a peaceful nuclear explosion reactor (PACER) producing [approximately equal to]1.2 GWe electrical-power from fusion explosions in a cylindrical explosion chamber (radius = 30 m, height = 75 m) are analyzed. For determination of flibe mass (m) required for safe operation temperatures and pressures with enough tritium breeding ratio (TBR) and high M (fusion energy absorption ratio), neutronic calculations are carried out for different coolant zone positions (DR) and coolant zone thicknesses (DRc). Inlet pressure and temperatures (Tin) of flibe are 1 atm, and 823 and 1540 K.

For all DR values, TBR and M reached saturation values of 1.27 and 1.07 at certain DRc values, respectively. Thereby, m increases with increased DR. To decrease flibe mass requirements, DR must be as low as possible. However, this causes high equilibrium pressures and enormous temperatures. Therefore, to decrease mechanical and chemical damages on the walls, DR must be high. The highest equilibrium pressures for the investigated parameters are [approximately equal to]100 and [approximately equal to]160 atm for Tin = 823 K and Tin = 1540 K, respectively. For the equilibrium temperature and pressures of 1750 K and [approximately equal to]20 atm, m and DR should be 3000 tonnes and 400 cm for Tin = 823 K, and 25000 tonnes and 700 cm for Tin = 1540 K.