Ripple Reduction Poloidal Field (RRPF) coils together with blocks of ferro-magnetic iron shielding are used to design a commerical tokamak reactor similar in size to STARFIRE with only eight rather than twelve toroidal field (TF) coils. The RRPF coils function like segmented poloidal field coils, placed between the TF coils and the neutron shielding, carrying an average of ±6 MA turns of current in the torroidal direction. Together with an additional pair of vertical field coils carrying 4.8 MAT, they produce the poloidal field needed for a β ∼ 6% plasma equilibrium with elongation 1.68 and a pair of separatrices suitable for a poloidal divertor. The RRPF coils also reduce magnetic ripple near the top and bottom of the plasma while the laminated blocks of iron magnetic shielding placed under each TF coil reduce magnetic ripple at the outer edge of the plasma near the midplane from a maximum of 5.48% to less than 1%.