First, a one-dimensional scoping study was performed for the gamma ray shield of the ELMO Bumpy Torus proof-of-principle device to define appropriate shielding material and determine the required shielding thickness. The dose equivalent results are analyzed as a function of the radiation shield thickness for different shielding options. A sensitivity analysis for the pessimistic case is given. The recommended shielding option based on the performance and cost is discussed. Next, a three-dimensional scoping study for the coil shield was performed for four different shielding options to define the heat load for each component and check the compliance with the design criterion of 10 watts maximum heat load per coil from the gamma ray sources. Also, a detailed biological dose survey was performed which included: a) the dose equivalent inside and outside the building, b) the dose equivalent from the two mazes of the building, and c) the skyshine contribution to the dose equivalent.