Alternate fuel configurations which enable tritium to be bred within the target itself could provide a significant advantage for ICF reactors. The present work considers a D-fueled target (termed the “AFLINT” concept) for this purpose. A target design is proposed that provides recycle of tritium for manufacture of subsequent targets in a “closed cycle” fashion. 3He is also recycled to obtain optimum burn conditions. For reactor studies, a Hg+1 heavy ion beam driver and a dual liquid-fall reactor chamber are considered. The chamber concept employs a thin inner liquid-fall to absorb the x-rays and target debris while a second outer fall serves to recondense the vaporized liquid, protect the first structural wall against neutron damage, and absorb the radial momentum transfer from the disintegrating inner fall. This design allows a compact geometry (i.e. high power density) while avoiding excessive pumping power requirements for the liquid metal falls.