The First Wall/Blanket/Shield (FWBS) Program has the goal to provide the development and testing of FWBS systems for magnetic fusion reactors. Program Element II of this program is to develop the thermal-hydraulic and thermomechanical data base for blanket and shield components. The critical blanket/shield data needs were identified, alternate techniques to simulate fusion neutron bulk heating were evaluated, and a detailed technical plan was developed. The initial focus is on the critical issues of solid breeder blankets. Two single effect scoping tests are currently in progress to determine the heat transfer characteristics and thermomechanical stability of the solid breeder bed. The design of an integral test to simulate all the non-nuclear aspects of the blanket has been completed. Preliminary planning for a fission reactor-based nuclear test has also been done. Future testing will investigate alternate solid breeder blanket materials and configurations and will begin the investigation of the critical MHD effects of liquid metal blanket concepts.