The U.S. Fusion Technology Development Program integrates the diverse technology activities within the Office of Fusion Energy. The program contains essentially all the technology activities, both to support the scientific efforts and to resolve a limited number of critical technology feasibility issues. There has been a significant amount of progress in the last few years in the development of reactor-scale fusion technologies. For example, in the area of gyrotron development for radio frequency (RF) heating, 28 gigahertz (GHz) gyrotrons at 200 kW continuous wave (cw) and 60 GHz gyrotrons at 124 kW cw have been operated. Present plans call for continuing development of 100 GHz gyrotrons at higher power levels. In the magnetics area, construction of the Large Coil Test Facility (LCTF) will be completed and initial operations with two coils should begin in 1983. The other four large coils should be delivered to permit full 6 coil torus testing to begin in 1984. The research and development plans for the Magnetic Fusion Energy Program are contained in the Fusion Technology Development Plan (FTDP) which is being distributed. In order to assure that the activities described in the FTDP are consistent with the overall fusion program strategy and to optimize resource allocation recognizing budget constraints, the Fusion Technology Program has prioritized its activities. This paper will review some of the recent progress and future plans in fusion technology in the U.S. Magnetic Fusion Program.