The R&D for tritium technologies to a demonstration reactor (DEMO) plant are carried out in the Broader Approach (BA) program in Japan: 1) tritium accountancy technology; 2) basic tritium safety research; and 3) tritium durability test. A multi-purpose facility will be constructed at Rokkasho in Japan to carry out the above R&D. Beta and gamma radioisotopes as well as tritium (370 TBq/year) can be handled in the facility.

At TPL (Tritium Process Laboratory) of JAEA, a series of R&D programs for tritium technologies have been carried out. The main R&D activities in this field are: tritium behavior in a confinement; monitoring; detritiation; and decontamination. In this paper, the results of recent activities at TPL of JAEA are also summarized from the viewpoint of the related R&D subjects under the BA program.