Nuclear analysis of the ITER equatorial EC launcher consisting of an unique blanket shield structure and a port plug installing millimeter (mm) wave components, neutron shields, cooling water lines, etc. has been carried out. The analysis results are used to determine heat and/or particle loads on its components and to evaluate the possibility of “hands-on maintainability” (personnel accessibility) to the launcher back-end. A significant radiation leak at the gaps between the port walls and port plug frame of the launcher was revealed. Another significant neutron leakage is through the port wall consisting of only stainless steel but without light isotopes such as water. The shut down dose rates was estimated at the port interspace behind the launcher at the same level of the required value of 100 Sv/h. This analysis offers the potential to modify the launchers shielding layout to minimize the above leakage and further reduce the shut down dose rates in the regions of personnel access.