A high temperature, stable, long-lived field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasma state has been produced in the C-2 device by dynamically colliding and merging two oppositely directed compact toroids, with combining effects of biasing edge plasma near the FRC separatrix from an end-plasma-gun with magnetic-mirror-plugs and of neutral-beam (NB) injection. The plasma-gun creates an inward radial electric field which mitigates the n = 2 rotational instability. The gun also produces E×B velocity shear in the FRC edge layer, which may explain observations of improved transport properties. The FRCs are nearly axisymmetric which enables fast ion confinement, and increasing NB power input clearly extends the FRC lifetime. The combined effects of the plasma-gun with mirror-plugs and of NB injection yield a new High Performance FRC regime with confinement times improved by factors 2 to 4 and FRC lifetimes extended from 1 to 3 ms.