In GAMMA 10, a divertor simulation study has been started with open magnetic field configuration in the end region. High heat and particle fluxes are required along the magnetic field line to the end region. Plasmas with high ion-temperature of several keV and strong temperature anisotropy of more than 10 have been produced by using ion-cyclotron range of frequency (ICRF) heating in the central cell. Direct anchor heating experiments with new anchor antennas have been performed and the enhancement of the MHD stabilization has been observed. High energy ions whose energy is more than 50 keV have been observed in the end-loss ions. The axial transport of high-energy ions due to loss processes other than the classical Coulomb scattering has been discussed. Alfvén-ion-cyclotron (AIC) waves are spontaneously excited owing to such the strong temperature anisotropy and considerable energy transport along the magnetic field line due to the AIC waves is expected. In this review, recent ICRF heating experiments for the divertor simulation study are described.