GAMMA 10/PDX project is the development of the mirror devices to aim the fusion-reactor relevant research using the potential control and the end loss as the particle and heat fluxes for transport, divertor plasma physics and Plasma Wall Interaction (PWI) studies. It was obtained that more than 10 MW/m2 heat flux density for PWI studies. The closed divertor-simulator module has been newly installed. The first studies of this module have been done and obtained the expected plasma flow. We will strengthen the module functions and diagnostic capability and heating systems to enable to be more reactor-relevant simulator. In the core transport control by the ECH, correlation studies of the radial electric field profile and the fluctuations are made and the high coherency is confirmed by using the new two-point potential detector of the Gold Neutral Beam Probe(GNBP). The maximum electron temperature obtained so far is - 150 eV during the ECH by Thomson Scattering, but we need more studies for the high power ECH optimization. As one of the key tools for the new GAMMA 10/PDX project, 2 MW gyrotron development at 28 GHz has been started, based on the success of 77 GHz-1.9 MW output. The maximum outputs of 1 MW at 28 GHz in short pulse and 540kW for 2 s are obtained.