The main goal of this assessment is to classify the radwaste stream of the recyclable transmission lines (RTL) at the end of the Z-Pinch plant operation. With the emergence of the new clearance standards, we included both the national and international standards in our analysis and assessed the implications for the RTL waste stream. The 3-D spectral flux was coupled to the ALARA pulsed activation code to estimate the activation responses. Our results indicate that for the first time an internal component close to the target, such as the RTL, can be cleared from regulatory control following a storage period of 50 y after plant decommissioning. As a design requirement, the recycling process must be economically feasible, accomplished within 1.1 day with no hands-on manufacturing and in the absence of personnel access to the fabrication facility. Advanced remote handling equipment must be developed to handle a dose rate of 3000 Sv/h.