Z-Pinch IFE chamber fluid mechanics can be studied using simulant fluids such as water in reduced scale facilities. The use of porous liquid and solid blanket materials provides the key to mitigating blast effects from fusion reaction. The UCB Vacuum Hydraulics Experiment (VHEX) was recently upgraded with a large, annular inlet nozzle system to produce an annular porous liquid curtains to study Z-Pinch IFE chamber response. Explosives experiments in VHEX studied the response of the liquid structure to the detonation of high explosive C-4. The experiments demonstrated that the crushing of porous liquid structures is effective in transferring momentum uniformly into the blanket mass. No significant high-speed jetting or spall was observed exiting the shocked liquid structure. Independent measurement of the transient pressure history, coupled with high-speed video of the blanket response and final velocity, will provide the basis to validate gas dynamics and blanket response models.