A 70-MA, 7-MV, ~100-ns driver for a Z-pinch Inertial Fusion Energy (Z-IFE) power plant has been proposed. In this summary we address the transition region between the 70 Linear Transformer Driver (LTD) modules and the center Recyclable Transmission Line (RTL) load section, which convolves from the coaxial vacuum Magnetically Insulated Transmission Lines (MITL) to a parallel tri-plate and then a bi-plate disk feed. An inductive annular chamber terminates one side of the tri-plate in a manner that preserves vacuum and electrical circuit integrity without significant energy losses. The simplicity is offset by the disadvantage of the chamber size, which is proportional to the driver impedance and decreases with the addition of more parallel modules. Inductive isolation chamber sizes are estimated in this paper, based on an optimized LTD equivalent circuit simulation source driving a matched load using transmission line models. We consider the trade-offs between acceptable energy loss and the size of the inductive isolation chamber; accepting a 6% energy loss would only require a 60-nH chamber.