The fast ignition method enables a reduction of the laser power required to achieve a large energy gain. This suggests consideration of a new inertial confinement fusion power plant concept, which has a small fusion pulse and a high repetition laser with a dry wall chamber. To establish the potential of the fast ignition method and to make clear the critical issues, a Fast Ignition ICF reactor concept with a Dry Wall chamber and a High Repetition Laser (FI-DWHRL concept) was previously proposed. The maintenance approach for this Fast Ignition ICF reactor concept is preliminary considered and its critical issues are described in this paper. The large cask and the large maintenance port for replacing the blanket sectors are applied to this Fast Ignition ICF reactor concept. The first wall and blanket system is divided into 20 sectors and all beam lines go between blanket sectors. The vacuum vessel is located outside the blanket system and this vacuum vessel also serves as the tritium boundary. To replace the final optical device, 6 access corridors are placed along the reactor room. Finally, critical issues on this maintenance approach are listed.