The BUCKY 1-D simulation code was used to simulate the hydrodynamic compression and thermonuclear ignition of a DT filled capsule that mimics the specifications set forth by the Fusion Test Facility (FTF) working group. This paper focuses on two key aspects of the ongoing hydrodynamics simulation work being performed at the University of Wisconsin.

The first set of simulations was performed to obtain a baseline result for comparison. This baseline utilized the High Average Power Laser (HAPL) target ion and X-ray threat spectra scaled down from 365 MJ to 29.75 MJ. The second set of simulations was a target simulation initiated from conditions that were expected to be found at the point of ignition of the FTF DT target.

The results of these simulations allowed for the creation of time-dependent X-ray and ion threat spectra, which will be used in future chamber simulations in support of the FTF design effort to assess the thermal response of test modules located within the facility.