In order to accumulate data on tritium transferred to cooling water of a fusion reactor, a series of experiments of tritium permeation into water jacket pressurized to 0.8MPa by He gas was performed through pure iron piping, which contained about 1 kPa of pure tritium gas at 423 K. Chemical forms of tritium permeated into water were monitored periodically under continuous purging water jacket by He. Observation of metal surface was also carried out periodically by SEM and XRD analysis.

The actual tritium permeation rate was about 1/5 level of the calculated value. Even if surface oxide layer (magnetite, porous & fine layers) grew in the water boundary, tritium permeation rate to water was not changed drastically. On the other hand, hydrogen gas (HT) fraction of tritium permeated in water jacket decreased drastically with oxide layer growth. Furthermore, permeated species and amounts were not affected clearly by the dissolved hydrogen in water by purging 1% H2 in He.