One of the critical issues of Flibe/V-alloy blanket with REDOX control by Be is a large tritium inventory in V-alloy structures. Among the possible solutions to this issue would be to control REDOX not by Be but by addition of MoF6 or WF6 enhancing the reaction from T2 to TF. The present study investigated feasibility of this procedure by thermodynamic and neutronics calculations. Using the blanket dimensions of Force Free Helical Reactor (FFHR), tritium inventory in V-alloy structure and Flibe were estimated based on the calculated equilibrium partial pressures of T2 and TF in various cases of REDOX control by MoF6 or WF6. Also carried out were neutronics examinations for the impact of Mo or W doping in the blanket. The results showed that the tritium inventory in the blanket area would be less than 100g at the TF level of 0.1 and 1 ppm in Flibe with addition of WF6 and MoF6, respectively. WF6 doping is far more advantageous than MoF6 doping for low activation purposes.