Combined experiments with lower hybrid (LH) waves (LHWs) and electron cyclotron (EC) waves (ECWs) have been performed to study counter (ctr) current drive (CD) (ctr-CD) in LHCD plasma. Although there exists a large spectrum gap under the condition of the forward (FW) LHCD at high ratio (>13) of the thermal velocity and the phase velocity, the relativistic Doppler resonance for backward (BW) ECWs coupled with the energetic electrons streaming along the current direction is used to confirm that the gap in the opposite velocity region is also filled by BW LHWs and the counter current tends to be driven. Three experimental scenarios have been studied for ctr-CD by the following experiments: (a) BW-LHW injection into FW LHW, (b) BW-ECW injection into FW LHW, and (c) BW-ECW injection into bidirectional BW-LHCD and FW-LHCD plasma. A transition depending on the power ratio is observed in case (a). The Ohkawa current is discussed for the co-driven current observation for case (b). The role of the amount of the resonance electrons is understood as a function of the power ratio of BW LHW to FW LHW for case (c).