Electron cyclotron emission (ECE) diagnostics on Tokamak à Configuration Variable (TCV) allow study of the electron temperature evolution in time with good spatial and temporal resolution at the high field side and low field side at various lines of sight. That is why ECE is being widely used to obtain both qualitative and quantitative information on heat transport, magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) phenomena, and fast electron dynamics. In this paper, a new regime on TCV with regular oscillations of the electron temperature in electron cyclotron current drive (ECCD) driven fully noninductive discharges and in discharges with a combination of ohmic/ECCD driven current is discussed. These oscillations are reminiscent of the oscillations of the central electron temperature (O-regime) seen on Tore Supra in fully noninductive lower hybrid current drive plasmas. A link between evolutions of the electron temperature, the MHD modes, and the current density profile on TCV is considered. In order to yield information on the properties of microturbulence of electrostatic and magnetic origin on TCV, a correlation ECE radiometer is currently under development. A technical description of the diagnostic is presented in this paper.