International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility/Engineering Validation and Engineering Design Activity (IFMIF/EVEDA) was started in 2007 in the joint program between Japan (JA) and the European Union (EU). IFMIF has mainly three facilities, i.e., test facility, lithium target facility, and accelerator facility. In this program, there are three subjects of the JA team in the test facility such as the design of the post irradiation examination (PIE) facility, the design and validation of the high flux test module, and the evaluation of the small size specimen technique. In this paper, the test matrix of the IFMIF was evaluated. All test matrixes depend on the requirement of a database preparation schedule and the irradiation volume of irradiation modules such as high flux test module (HFTM), medium flux test module (MFTM) and low flux test module (LFTM), but the engineering design of HFTM is mainly proceeding. Accordingly, the lists of the experiments of small size specimens set in the HFTM to be performed in the PIE laboratories have been carefully analyzed. In the design of HFTM, two types of HFTM are proposed for RAFM steel irradiation by the EU KIT team and for the advanced materials by the JA team, and the difference was summarized.