McDeLicious is an extension to the MCNP Monte Carlo code with the ability to simulate the generation of source neutrons based on D-Li interaction processes. This paper presents an overview of the McDeLicious approach for the D-Li neutron source term modeling including latest code extensions, improvements, validation efforts, and applications to IFMIF neutronics analyses. The current McDeLicious capabilities include the generation of source neutrons and photons based on evaluated d + 6,7Li cross-section data and the sampling of the impinging deuteron beam intensity distribution using fitting functions or probability tables. The McDeLicious software has been updated to comply with the standard of the state-of-the-art version 5 of the MCNP code. A message passing interface program version enables one to run McDeLicious in parallel mode on large computer clusters. McDeLicious is in routine use for IFMIF neutronics calculations employing different nuclear data including a test version of the recent FENDL-3 nuclear data.