This paper deals with the experimental result that is obtained from the GAMMA 10 and Kobe Cusp direct energy conversion (DEC) experiment system in the Tsukuba-Kobe university internet connected remote participation system. A DSO (Digital Sampling Oscilloscope), a PCMCIA based A/D converter and a PC (Personal Computer) server as the controller and the data storage server are used as a simulation experiment of Data Acquisition(DAQ) system. The communication between the Kobe University and the University of Tsukuba did the information transmission between the monitor site of Kobe and the experimental system operator site of Tsukuba, by using the communication of the browser base. The experimental result in the latest shot can be reflected to the parameter change for next shot. The parameter setting and control of DSO etc. becomes possible, without controlling through the operator of the University of Tsukuba by using the common gateway interface (CGI) based program.