A Chinese dual-functional lithium lead test blanket module was proposed for testing in ITER. The flow channel insert (FCI) was inserted in LiPb flow channels to reduce magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) effects and to increase the outlet temperature of coolant LiPb. The FCI has a big influence on the LiPb flow characteristics under the high magnetic field. In this paper, the LiPb MHD flow characteristics both in the gap between the FCI and the channel wall and inside the FCI was numerically calculated using an MHD code named MTC-H 2.0 in a poloidal channel. The influence of the FCI on flow distribution was analyzed. The pressure drop was compared to the case without the FCI, and the pressure equalization was assessed for both sides of the FCI with pressure equalization openings. The impact of electrical conductivity of the FCI material was analyzed.