Korea Domestic Agency (KO-DA) was responsible for the procurement of the ITER blanket modules 1, 2, and 6 in the original procurement allocation. According to the procurement reallocation of the blanket system, Korea will procure the blanket shield block in place of the blanket first wall. Nevertheless, several R&D activities in Korea have been performed including optimization of the hot isostatic pressing (HIP) bonding process between Be/CuCrZr and CuCrZr/SS, the nondestructive test method, fabrication feasibility study, high heat flux tests, and design analysis. Especially, KO-DA participated in the qualification program for the mock-up manufacture and high heat flux tests. Several mock-ups were fabricated and tested during the qualification program. The details of the mock-up manufacture and test results are described in this paper. Also, two heat flux facilities were installed based on the graphite heating, and a new electron beam heat flux facility will be built in the near future for the enhanced heat flux mock-up test. As well, some design analysis was performed to investigate the performance of the blanket first wall against thermo-mechanical loading. In this paper, the status of the R&D activities and the results of the qualification tests for KO mock-ups are reviewed.