The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has long been involved in the technical support of fusion energy research. Most of the technical activities take place under the guidance of the International Fusion Research Council (IFRC) and the Subcommittee on Atomic and Molecular (A+M) physics. A number of activities are supported by the IAEA to encourage research in fusion energy related to confinement concepts, including ITER. The IAEA also sponsors the exchange of scientific and technical information through the biennial Fusion Energy Conference, which first held in 1961. A dedicated set of nuclear data files for fusion applications has recently been updated - FENDL-2.1 is available on request and can be downloaded from the Internet. Furthermore, significant quantities of A+M data are compiled to assist in plasma modelling and diagnostics. Access to these data is generally available through the Internet. Results from the various fusion research projects are published in a variety of formats, including books and Agency journals.