Measurements of electron temperature fluctuations by means of correlation electron cyclotron emission (ECE) diagnostics aid in understanding the nature of the turbulent transport in fusion plasmas. On Tore Supra tokamak, a 32-channel heterodyne ECE radiometer has been upgraded to include two channels for temperature fluctuation measurements. The central frequency of the yttrium iron garnet filter on each channel is remotely monitored by a driver, allowing one to shift the observation volume in the plasma radially. To resolve the fluctuation amplitude of 0.1%, integration times of ~3 s at 1 MHz sampling rate are required for the statistical error level of 0.05%. Together with the 32-channel profile radiometer, correlation ECE is a powerful and unique tool for simultaneous observation of the magnetohydrodynamic phenomena and studies of the plasma transport properties in various heating regimes during long-shot multimegawatt operation. First measurements of temperature fluctuations, of various origins, on Tore Supra (including the observation of the toroidicity-induced Alfvén eigenmodes), as well as a description of the analysis methods used in the data evaluation, are reported in this paper.