To improve the accuracy of the after-shot plasma equilibrium reconstruction on Tore Supra, the previous EFIT code, which utilizes only magnetic measurements as a constraint (we shall call it EFIT-mag in the text), has been modified into EFIT-pol by taking the far infrared polarimeter measurements into account. With a correct choice of the input parameters (mainly for the P' and FF' polynomial orders and for the weights on Faraday angles), the results reconstructed by EFIT-pol are in good agreement with the experimental values deduced from the magnetic measurements as well as with the CRONOS code simulations. In this paper, after a brief description of the EFIT code, the approach used to parameterize EFIT-pol is presented, and the accuracy improvement is shown for a typical shot of Tore Supra, as well as through statistics on a database of 95 shots of different plasma currents and additional powers.