An analysis of existed concepts of basic turbulent plasma phenomena have shown that the most fundamental of the beginnings of plasma kinetic theory are defective. Basically, common methods of the theory yield equally rigorous justifications to incompatible versions of the same physical phenomenon. This general property stems from two inseparable reasons: the asymptotic convergence of intermediate iterative calculations and the common substitution of real plasmas by plasma ensembles. Via variations in the leading order of perturbation expansion, one generates a diversity of scenarios of the plasma physical evolution: The conditional limit of successive iterations depends on the theory leading order. Similarly, the laws of evolution of statistics of plasma ensemble cannot be independent on the ensemble content. Basic principles were formulated of gaining the informativeness of plasma theoretical deductions with account for above reasons. For a case of turbulent plasma, the technique was developed of reducing full plasma description to the most informative of possible final macrophysical scenarios. The importance of respective knowledge for researches on beam-plasma heating, plasma confinement and transport phenomena is discussed.