Thomson scattering diagnostics has been updated to allow measurements at two instants of time for either of two spatial points in plasma during a single plasma discharge. Laser produces now two 15J laser pulses with variable (0.2–100s) delay between them. It was made possible by integration into previous laser system a second independent laser oscillator. Multichannel spectral measurements of scattered radiation can be accomplished at two spatial locations simultaneously, at z1 = 4m from the input of electron beam into plasma (old location) and at z2 = 2m (new location). Three geometries of measurement are possible: a single radial point at each of plasma cross-sections at z1 and z2 or two radial points at either cross-sections at z1 or z2. Number of radial points is limited by number of available detector channels (15ch) now. We present first experimental results with 90° detection of scattered radiation with upgraded system.