High power electron cyclotron heating (ECH) experiment for the central-cell region in GAMMA 10 has been started in the hot ion mode operation (Ti = several keV). Transmission system for the central-cell ECH, including a taper, mirrors and polarizers, has been designed and installed for efficient direct bulk electron heating. ECH system with a twister and a circular polarizer for central-cell region has the advantages for controllable polarization of incident wave. Recently, a high power gyrotron of ~500 kW at 28 GHz has been developed in collaboration with Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) and this high power gyrotron was installed in central-cell region of GAMMA 10. This high power and efficient ECH system was applied to central-cell electron heating and significant increment of soft X-ray and diamagnetism signals during a pulse of ECH operation was obtained. In this paper, central ECH experimental results in the hot ion mode operation are reported.