Experimental researches of the shear flows influence on the confinement in the mirror trap of the dense nonequilibrium helium and nitrogen plasma created under conditions of the electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) gas breakdown were made.

Limiter with electric potential relative to the vacuum chamber was set inside the mirror trap.

During the increasing of the value of limiter potential over Ucrit = 70-100 V the considerable increasing of the full ion flux from the trap was obtained (about of 3-4 times) that is apparently indicates that the plasma density and may be electron temperature increased in the trap that can be interpreted as the transversal losses decrease that is the result of “vortex confinement” regime realization. Pointed effect was obtained in the helium and nitrogen plasma both. Azimuthal modes with m = 1, m = 2 dominated in spatial spectrum of plasma oscillations.

This method of “vortex confinement” regime realization for non-equilibrium heavy ions plasmas seems to be perspective for new generation of ECR heavy multicharged ion sources creation.