Targets intended to produce ignition on the National Ignition Facility (NIF) are being simulated, and the simulations are used to set specifications for target fabrication. Recent design work has focused on incorporating the implications of NIF experiments that were done in fall 2009 and planning for the campaign in 2010. Near-term experiments will use Ge-doped CH, although Be and diamond are still under active consideration for 2011 and beyond. The emphasis in this paper will be on changes in the requirements over the last year, the characteristics of the 2010 CH-ablator design, and the designs for 2011 and beyond. Capsule defects of particular interest are surface perturbations on the CH ablator and composition variations in the Be shells. Complete tables of specifications are regularly updated for all of the targets. All the specifications are rolled together into an error budget indicating adequate margin for ignition with all of the designs.