Excelsior University student section awarded community education grant

May 1, 2024, 4:52PMNuclear News

The American Nuclear Society student section at Excelsior University in Albany, N.Y., was awarded a $5,000 grant from the ANS Student Section Strategic Fund initiative for its program Empowering Tomorrow’s Nuclear Innovators: A Collaborative Approach to Nuclear Technology Education and Awareness.

The program aims to facilitate access to nuclear technology education for K–12 students, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts to inspire the next generation of nuclear engineers who will support the long-term vitality of the nuclear industry. Excelsior students will also gain leadership and community engagement skills. This approach to promoting nuclear energy can serve as proof for a scalable model of collaboration between academia, industry, K–12 educators, and community organizations.

Innovative workshops: The program involves hosting workshops in which Excelsior students and faculty present on nuclear energy topics that help dispel misconceptions and highlight the positive contributions of nuclear technology, including its role in clean energy production. During these interactive workshops, concepts of nuclear energy such as climate change, nuclear reactions, nuclear power plant operations, and safety are illustrated.

Held in partnership with Constellation Nuclear Generation in Oswego, N.Y., the workshops are planned for May 18–20, 2024. The groups will also visit Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant and tour nuclear plant simulators.

Quotable: “The ANS Student Section Strategic Fund presents an exciting chance to enrich K–12 student learning in nuclear education, while also serving as a platform for fostering collaborations with the nuclear industry,” said Anveeksh Koneru, Excelsior University’s ANS Student Section advisor and full-time faculty lead for the program. “This partnership creates a pathway for additional resources to serve and expand opportunities in this crucial field.”

About Excelsior ANS: Excelsior University is an accredited, not-for-profit online institution of higher learning. It is the only distance learning institution to host an ANS student section and conduct workshops and other professional development, networking, and learning activities.

More information on ANS’s presence at Excelsior University can be found online.

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