NIA says we need both nuclear and renewables to protect the climate

October 19, 2020, 7:12AMANS Nuclear Cafe

Responding to a paper published in Nature Energy, the Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) wrote in an October blog post that nuclear is a carbon-free energy source with an important role to play in decarbonizing the global economy.

What to know: The editorial claims that the paper has three major flaws:

  • The authors did not find any statistically significant relationship between nuclear energy and per capita CO2 emissions from multiple economic sectors.
  • The paper’s methodology has key limitations, as acknowledged by the authors themselves.
  • The paper fails to offer any explanation as to why a nation could not pursue both a renewable and nuclear strategy simultaneously.

They said it: “The choice is not between renewable and nuclear power,” the NIA wrote. “It is between severe climate change and decarbonized energy systems. Building as much zero-carbon power as possible—whether it is solar, wind, nuclear power, or something else—is necessary for global decarbonization.”

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