From the ANS Annual Meeting (Photoblog)

June 17, 2013, 1:57PMANS Nuclear Cafe

The Opening Plenary at the 2013 ANS Annual Meeting is now underway-and it's amazing how much goes on before the "Opening". Already on Saturday morning a Teachers Workshop was in progress, and Saturday evening the Global Leadership Reception was in full swing. A few select photos:

davison x-ray 360x448

Candace Davison, senior reactor operator at Penn State University, begins at the beginning with the discovery of the mysterious "X-ray" (not her hand projected onto screen).

geiger atlanta 360x335

Radiation is all around us in our radioactive world. Easy to detect with a Geiger counter.

cloud chamber atlanta 360x262

Almost unbelievable-one can see "trails" of individual alpha and beta particles using a simple cloud chamber.

dark cloud chamber atlanta 360x270

Detecting radioactive particles.

hyatt regency atlanta 360x480

Meanwhile, the setting for the ANS Annual Meeting, the beautiful Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

hyatt regency atlanta elevator 360 x 480

From the elevator.

Stay tuned for coverage of the 2013 ANS Annual Meeting now officially underway.  And better yet, follow on twitter #ansmeeting

twitter #ansmeeting 300x300

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