ANS video interview: Oxford Professor Wade Allison discusses radiation... and reason

September 14, 2012, 6:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

At the ANS 2012 Annual Meeting, ANS Public Information Committee's Dan Yurman caught up with Dr. Wade Allison, of Oxford University, UK.  They discussed radiation, health effects, Fukushima, Dr. Allison's recent book Radiation and Reason, and Dr. Allison's recent trip to Japan in this video interview.

Dr. Allison has been teaching physics at the University of Oxford for over 40 years (medical physics, radiation physics, nuclear physics, and associated disciplines).

Dr. Allison explains nuclear power and, especially, radiation in this must-read article posted just yesterday at the Nuclear Literacy Project: "You can appreciate nuclear and its safety, just read and decide yourself."  Take his advice, read, and decide yourself!

"A Tragedy of Misunderstanding: There was no major radiation disaster at Fukushima," invited talk at 2012 ANS Annual Meeting.

Dr. Allison's written evidence submitted to Britain's Parliamentary Select Commitee on Science/Technology, regarding Risk Perception and Nuclear/Energy Infrastructure.

The Radiation and Reason website:

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