Price: $49

Westinghouse Electric Company recognizes the importance of supporting students pursuing a career in reactor physics. For this reason, Westinghouse will be sponsoring the first 100 student workshop registrants by covering their fees. Contact for a discount code before registering. Limited space available in each workshop. Once these seats are filled, you will be put on a waitlist. You must request a discount code before registering. No refunds will be made if you do not contact us before registering.

Organized by: SCALE team (Oak Ridge National Laboratory),

This 4-hour workshop explores key capabilities of the SCALE code system for neutron transport, depletion, uncertainty quantification, and sensitivity analysis, to gain practical insight into using SCALE for validation analyses as accepted by US regulators. Participants will learn how to perform similarity assessments, how to determine biases, and how to identify validation gaps. They will become familiar with SCALE’s graphical user interface Fulcrum, to create and validate input files, visualize 2D and 3D geometries, and explore various result files.


  • Introduction on the validation process and how to identify validation gaps
  • Overview of key SCALE tools and SCALE’s validation suite
  • Hands-on session 1: Similarity assessment with TSUNAMI for eigenvalue evaluation
  • Hands-on session 2: Sensitivity analyses with ORIGEN for nuclide inventory evaluation
  • Impact of nuclear data
  • SCALE outlook

No prior SCALE experience is required for this workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops with SCALE 6.3.1 installed. SCALE 6.3.1 can be requested from RSICC ( Participants without a SCALE 6.3.1 license or without a laptop may still attend and follow along. The workshop material (presentations, input and output files for the demos and the hands-on sessions) will be made available to all participants. Information about SCALE can be found here: