Organized by: Mike Rising (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Price: $49

Westinghouse Electric Company recognizes the importance of supporting students pursuing a career in reactor physics. For this reason, Westinghouse will be sponsoring the first 100 student workshop registrants by covering their fees. Contact for a discount code before registering. Limited space available in each workshop. Once these seats are filled, you will be put on a waitlist. You must request a discount code before registering. No refunds will be made if you do not contact us before registering.

This workshop will cover many of the new features, improvements, and updated tools included in the new MCNP6.3 code release that are most relevant to the reactor physics community. While more details of the workshop will be forthcoming, a few of the topics to expect at this workshop include:

  • An overview of the MCNP6 code with respect to current and future application-driven code development activities at LANL
  • Multigroup cross section generation through new special treatment tally options
  • New fission-matrix based k-eigenvalue algorithm improvements and extraction/usage of the fission matrix results
  • Doppler Broadening Resonance Correction (DBRC) usage for high-temperature reactor applications
  • Overview of HDF5-based outputs including the restart file (runtpe), particle track file (ptrac), fmesh tallies (meshtal), and unstructured mesh elemental edit file (eeout)
  • New geometry and tally visualization options through XDMF-based outputs
  • Improved multiphysics coupling opportunities

All the workshop materials, including slides, exercises, documentation, etc., will be made available to all participants. There will be live exercises done by the instructors. Participants interested in performing the exercises will need to bring their own laptop with the MCNP6.3 software installed (see how to obtain the MCNP6.3 code here ( ), along with a few other openly available tools (e.g., Python, MCNPTools, ParaView). Earlier versions of the MCNP6 code, i.e., MCNP6.2 and earlier, will not be able to perform the exercises provided. Details on the additional software and versions required will be communicated well before the workshop. Attendees are not required to participate in the exercises performed during the workshop nor are they required to have a license to the MCNP6 code. Instructors will be available to discuss participant questions regarding the workshop materials.


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