Did you ever wonder about the variety of solutions to solve the 1D monoenergetic neutron transport equation? Chances are you have not, but if you attend this workshop, you will have the answer — because it’s all about 1D transport solutions. In four hours, we will discuss as many of the following methods as time allows:

  • Converged SN
  • Doubling
  • Matrix Riccati solution
  • Response matrix discrete ordinates Double PN
  • Green’s function method Full-range Caseology
  • FN method

Our discussion covers the mathematical theory, the numerical formulation and the challenges of each (time permitting). The methods will be theoretically and numerically contrasted to feature their advantages and disadvantages. You might ask, “Why study such a basic transport problem with seemingly little practical value?” One answer is “benchmarking”. Because of simplicity, the 1D monoenergetic transport equation is the most widely solved transport equation in today’s transport community. A second answer is “intellectual enlightenment”. The solutions discussed touch upon a broad range of mathematical and numerical methods taught in the classroom. Specifically, we will discuss what constitutes extreme benchmarks, their application and limitation. Convergence acceleration, central to extreme benchmarks, will be introduced through a specially prepared benchmarking exercise.

If you are a serious student of transport theory and have the burning desire to learn more about analytical solutions from an expert in the field, you certainly do not want to miss this opportunity. The mystery of the 1D transport equation will be unraveled in an understandably consistent way. In addition, each participant, who completes the workshop, will receive a flash drive containing programs and examples of all solutions.

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