RayXpert is a 3D modeling software associated to a Monte Carlo calculation code for the Nuclear and Medical fields. Our Monte Carlo code is based on GEANT4, but totally re-developed by our company TRAD Tests & Radiations since 2000s.
Thanks to the different tools RayXpert offer you, you will be able to optimize the design of your shielding with 3D mapping and scripting functionalities.
If you are provided with the CAD files corresponding to your electron beams for example, this will even easier to model your case since RayXpert can import directly CAD file (STEP format) so that you don't have to re-model everything.
You will also be able to compute the dose rate and deposited dose in terms of Gy in the different shapes you are interested in, or in terms of Sv (H*(10) definition or other dosimetric factor) for radioprotection purposes. And the system allows you to launch your calculation on your Linux or Windows cluster of computers with the distributed computation module.
Finally, the software is validated comparing to MCNPX, for Gamma and Beta energies from 1 keV to 100 MeV, and for Neutron from 10^-11 MeV to 20MeV, and it is used worldwide (including US) by more than 40 companies.
During the workshop we will present you the main functionalities of RayXpert through a real case study: the design of our own bunkers in which we have a Co60 and an electron beam source. From the design of the building to the shielding design of our home-made electron generator.
Participant will be provided with the software at the beginning of the workshop that we will install in live on your computers, and let you use the 3D model we will work on to setting up the sources and materials, launch calculations and optimize the shielding.
Presentation performed by a Nuclear Physicist from TRAD Tests & Radiations.


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