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Prompt Radiation Dose Analysis Within the European Spallation Source Connection Cell

10:00–10:25AM PDT

Thomas M. Miller (European Spallation Source)

Design of Temporary Beam Stops at ESS

10:25–10:50AM PDT

A. Chambon (Technical Univ. Denmark), L. Zanini (European Spallation Source)

Radiation Transport Calculations for the European Spallation Source Accelerator Environment

10:50–11:15AM PDT

Douglas D. Di Julio (European Spallation Source), Mamad Eshraqi (European Spallation Source ), Wolfgang Hees (European Spallation Source ), Yvonne Hinrichsen (European Spallation Source ), Esben Klinkby (European Spallation Source), Anton Lundmark (European Spallation Source ), Gunter Muhrer (European Spallation Source ), Daniel Noll (European Spallation Source )

Neutronics Calculations for the Common Shielding Project at ESS

11:15–11:40AM PDT

V. Santoro (European Spallation Source), K.H. Andersen (ORNL), A. Khaplanov (European Spallation Source), R. Kolevatov (Institute for Energy Technology), O. Gonzalez (ESS-BILBAO), F. Gruenauer (Physics Consulting), M .Magan (ESS-BILBAO), T. H. Randriamalala (Forschungszentrum Juelich)

Presented by Douglas Di Julio (European Spallation Source)

Beamline Simulation for the NNBAR Experiment at the European Spallation Source

11:40AM–12:05PM PDT

M. Holl (European Spallation Source), R. Kolevatov (European Spallation Source Consultant), B. Meirose (Stockholm Univ.), D. Milstead (Stockholm Univ.), B. Rataj (European Spallation Source), V. Santoro (European Spallation Source), L. Zanini (European Spallation Source)


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