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VR System for Monte Carlo Simulation Codes Using Web Application Software with Commodity Devices

3:45–4:10PM PDT

Seiki Ohnishi (National Maritime Research Institute)

SDR Calculations Involving Geometry Movement After Shutdown

4:10–4:35PM PDT

Chelsea A. D'Angelo (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), Paul P.H. Wilson (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison)

Current Status of Discussion for Japanese Shielding Material Standard for Facility Design

4:35–5:00PM PDT

Koichi Okuno (Hazama-Ando Technical Research Institute), Ken-ichi Kimura (Fujita Corp.), Mikihiro Nakata (MHI Nuclear Development Co.), Tomohiro Ogata (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), Yukio Sakamoto (Atox Co.), Erina Matsuyama (Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions ), Masahiro Taniguchi (Taisei Corp.), Ken-ichi Tanaka (Institute of Applied Energy), Koji Oishi (Japan Environment Research Co.), Satoshi Takeo (Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy), Satoshi Ishikawa (ITOCHU Techono-Solutions Corp.), Hidenori Kawano (Atox Co.), Masahiro Yoshida (Nuclear Safety Technology Center), Toshio Amano (ITOCHU Techono-Solutions Corp.), Kazuaki Kosako (Shimizu Corp.), Yoshihiro Hirao (National Maritime Research Institute), Toshinobu Maenaka (Takenaka Corp.)

Effect of Photonuclear Reaction on Deep Penetration Problem for Build-Up Coefficient Calculation

5:00–5:25PM PDT

Seiki Ohnishi (National Maritime Research Institute), Fumiyoshi Nobuhara (Tokyo Nuclear Services Co.), Yoshihiro Hirao (National Maritime Research Institute)

Impact of Photo-Neutron Spectrum Shape for Pb(y,xn) on Shielding Design

5:25–5:50PM PDT

Tran Kim Tuyet (SOKENDAI/KEK), Toshiya Sanami (SOKENDAI/KEK), Hirohito Yamazaki (SOKENDAI/KEK)


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