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Boron-Lined Proportional Counter Sensitivity Determined by Simulation

1:10–1:35PM PDT

Stephane Bourganel (CEA), Laurence Pangault-Granier (CEA), Aly Elayeb (PHOTONIS Nuclear Instrumentation)

Pulsed Radiation Monitoring Using Ionisation Chamber with Dedicated Integrated Circuit at CERN Antimatter-Facility

1:35–2:00PM PDT

Sarath Kundumattathil Mohanan (CERN), Hamza Boukabache (CERN), Vassili Cruchet (CERN), Daniel Perrin (CERN)

Presented by Stefan Roesler (CERN)

Radon Detection on a Spanish Natural Gas Well Using Electrets and Lucas Cell

2:00–2:25PM PDT

A. Noverques (Politechnic Univ. Valencia), B. Juste (Politechnic Univ. Valencia), B. Mora (GD Energy Systems), A. Arribas (GD Energy Systems), G. Verdu (Politechnic Univ. Valencia)

Optimization of a GaN Microstructured Thermal Neutron Detector Geometry Using MCNP

2:25–2:50PM PDT

Eric Giunta (Kansas State), Micheal Pfeifer (Kansas State), Bryce Davidson (Kansas State), Sanchit Sharma (Kansas State), Keith Huddleston (Kansas State), Nathanael Simerl (Kansas State), Douglas S. McGregor (Kansas State), Walter McNeil (Kansas State), Amir A. Bahadori (Kansas State)

Measurement of Response Functions of Enriched Lithium-6 CLYC Scintillator for 1.2 MeV, 5.0 MeV and 14.8 MeV Neutrons

2:50–3:15PM PDT

So Kamada (National Maritime Research Institute), Masayuki Hagiwara (National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology)


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