This panel discussion will address the challenges in commercializing new nuclear technology in the context of solving the climate change problem. Advanced nuclear and SMR developers are collaborating with utilities to avoid the pitfalls of the past, and public-private partnerships are playing a crucial role in paving the path toward commercialization. The panel aims to provide insights from innovators and established nuclear operators on deploying advanced reactors and achieving synergies that can accelerate the time to market for these promising technologies.


  • Moderator: Matthew L. Wald (Science Writer)
  • Jeffrey Olson (Vice President, Business Development & Finance, Kairos Power)
  • Adam DeMella (SVP Government Affairs, GE-Hitachi)
  • Chris Nolan (Vice President New Nuclear Generation Strategy and Regulatory Engagement, Duke Energy)
  • Kyle Frazer (Director, Business Operations (Nuclear), Xcel Energy)


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