People often ask, “what about the waste?” U.S. nuclear fuel cycle and waste policy has been stuck in “Groundhog Day” mode for 13 years. However, if one looks closely, there are small signs of life: advanced reactor developers and other companies engaging with NRC on licensing pathways for nuclear fuel recycling; commercial interest in deep borehole disposal; a looming license for a private interim storage facility in New Mexico; the U.S. Department of Energy’s well-funded program to explore consent-based siting of interim storage facilities; and ANS’s recently released report recommending a new generic standard for disposal of used fuel and high-level radioactive waste. Does activity equate to progress? Are we turning the corner? Join us to find out.


  • John Kessler (J. Kessler and Associates)
  • Dr. Kim Petry (DOE Office of Nuclear Energy)
  • Katrina McMurrian (Executive Director, Nuclear Waste Strategy Coalition)
  • Brad Williams (Idaho National Laboratory Detailee U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee)


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