Robots are coming! With the recent emergence of advanced robotics and digital technologies, the time is right for cheaper and faster adoption of robotic systems to improve the efficiency and safety of nuclear applications. Join us for this two-panel session that will explore 1) the opportunities for robotics, AI, and digital twin technologies in commercial nuclear plant operations and cleanup-related tasks and 2) their broader implications and ramifications for society in the next decade and beyond.

Subpanel 1:  Robots for Nuclear Applications 

  • (Moderator) Anamary Daniel
  • Young Soo Park (Argonne National Laboratory) 
  • Boaz Buechley (United Cleanup Oak Ridge)
  • Mark Nutt (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) 
  • Robert Ledoux (DOE-HQ ARPA-E) 

Subpanel 2:  Broader Implications for the Nuclear Field and Society  

  • (Moderator)  Craig Piercy (ANS)
  • Monica Regalbuto (Idaho National Laboratory)
  • Robert Ledoux (DOE-HQ ARPA-E)
  • Brad Bonn (Boston Dynamics)
  • Kevin Lynch (Northwestern University)


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