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The Neutron Production Cross Sections for Pb, Bi, and Au Targets and Neutron Multiplicity for Nuclear Spallation Reaction Induced by 20- to 1600-MeV Protons

I. Demirkol, E. Tel, A. Arasoglu, A. Özmen, B. Sarer, A. Acir, M. Alkan

Nuclear Science and Engineering / Volume 147 / Number 1 / May 2004 / Pages 83-91

Technical Note /

Various cross sections of the (p + 206,207,208Pb), (p + natPb), (p + 209Bi), and (p + 197Au) reactions have been calculated at energies between 20 and 1600 MeV, using the Cascade-Exciton model, Geometry-Dependent Hybrid model, and Hybrid model. The neutron multiplicity has been predicted. The calculated results have been compared with the experimental data taken from the literature. The accordance of the calculated results with the experimental data has been examined.

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