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Supplier Profile

Merrick & Company

5970 Greenwood Plaza Blvd.

Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Certifications: Engineering, design, fabrication management and commissioning of specialized nuclear service equipment, systems, and facilities; 3D High Definition scanning and mapping. Nuclear quality program.

Computer Services:

Construction/Engineering Services:


Decommissioning Services:


Drafting Services:

Employment/Personnel Support Services:

Fabricating Equipment, Metal & Ceramic

Filter Handling/Transfer Systems

Fuel Handling Equipment & Systems:

Fusion Reactor Components & Systems:

Gas Handling Equipment:

Hot-Cell Wall Plugs, Sleeves:

Hot Laboratory Services

Imaging, Digital:

Laboratories, Mobile:

Loops, Test:

Manipulators, Remote

Mapping Services:

Mockup Design & Fabrication:

Penetrations, Containment:

Photogrammetry, Close-Range

Piping Systems:

Ports, Penetration

Radioactive Waste Handling & Treatment Equipment:

Reactor Service Tools & Devices:

Remote Control, Handling & Positioning Devices & Sys.:

Reprocessing Equipment, Fuel

Robotic Devices, Systems:

Security Services:

Sodium-Handling Equipment

Startup Services


Tritium Handling Equipment

Tritium Recycle & Extraction Equipment

Tritium Removal Equipment

Waste Management Services:

Windows, Radiation-Shielding: