The Nuclear Family: Empowering parents and caregivers

May 9, 2024, 9:30AMANS News

The Diversity and Inclusion in ANS Committee is hosting a webinar today to celebrate the contributions of parents in the nuclear industry while fostering diversity and inclusion within the community.

Register now: The webinar, from 1:00-2:00 pm ET, will highlight how the nuclear industry supports caregivers, new parents, and new mothers, and will focus on life transitions and parental responsibilities.

About: Representatives from non-profits, labs, academia, and utilities will discuss historical perspectives and best practices in parental policies, showcasing the industry's commitment to supporting new parents and life transitions.

The webinar will also explore opportunities for improvement, driving excellence in parental support within the nuclear industry.


  • Marsha McDaniel, director of International Engagement at Idaho National Laboratory
  • Cheryl O’Brien, principal and founder Vision for inclusive Engineering Workforce, Inc.
  • Todd Palmer, professor at Oregon State University Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • Kristin Zaitz, cofounder, Mothers for Nuclear


  • Ira Strong, Idaho National Laboratory

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